Tiling Tools & Accessories

Dural Flexibal Self Levelling Support Pedestals
BIHUI Purple Horseshoe Shim 2mm (3/32") Spacers
Genesis Pro Hydro Sponges are the ideal sponge for tiling, painting, wallpapering, and cleaning.
A 1.5l bottle of kerakoll fuga wash eco
BIHUI B-Magic 115mm Diamond Cutting Blade
BIHUI B-Turbo 115mm Diamond Cutting Blade
The Genesis QUICKSWITCH Ceramic Trowel Set
LTP Black Coarse Emulsifying Pad
BIHUI 1200W Variable Speed Angle Grinder
BIHUI 125mm Arrow Pro Grinding Diamond Cup Wheel
BIHUI 125mm Dual Row Diamond Grinding Wheel
BIHUI 125mm Turbo Fan Grinding Wheel
BIHUI 125mm Vacuum Brazed Coating & Glue Grinding Wheel
BIHUI 180mm Dual Row Diamond Grinding Wheel
BIHUI 1900W Concrete Grinder
BIHUI 4 Piece Silicone Application Set being used to smooth silicone
BIHUI 4" Dry Diamond Polishing Pads
BIHUI B-Master 115mm Diamond Cutting Blade