Tile & Grout Cleaners & Sealers

Once your tiling project is complete you need to keep your new tiles looking their best! Luckily, we have an array of tile and grout cleaners and tile sealing solutions readily available, from the all purpose cleaners to specific cleaners for specific staining types. Whether you're looking to clean or seal your tiles, or clean and seal the grout between them - we can help.

A bottle of Lithofin MN Stain-Stop
A one litre bottle of Lithofin Easy Care Cleaner
Lithofin Anti Slip Permanent Anti Slip Treatment - 6m2 kit
A 1 litre bottle of Lithofin MN Power-Clean
Lithofin KF Mildew Away Spray - 500ml
A 500ml bottle of Lithofin KF Grout Protector
Clean grout joints with Lithofin KF Tile Grout Cleaner
A 1 litre bottle of Lithofin MN Slate Sealer
On Sale!
LTP Crackle Glaze Protector - 500ml
LTP Fast Acting Rust Stain Remover - 1 litre
A one litre bottle of Lithofin KF Intensive Porcelain Cleaner
Lithofin Multiseal Protective Film - 1 litre
A 1.5l bottle of kerakoll fuga wash eco
On Sale!
Lithofin KF Conditioning Cleaner - 1 litre
On Sale!
Lithofin KF Protective Impregnator
A one litre bottle of Lithofin MN Colour Intensifier
Lithofin Oil-Ex Oil Stain Remover 250ml Tube
a bottle of Lithofin Rust-Ex Non-Acidic Rust Stain Remover