Complete Your Flooring Project

Here you'll find a range of ancillary items to help your complete your tiled flooring project with ease. This collection features decoupling membranes to stop tiles from cracking, levelling compounds and backing boards, tile adhesive and grout, and cleaning products. There are also underfloor heating systems and LVT tiles to complete your renovation in style with London Tile.

Orbry Waterproof Insulated Tile Backer Board
Kerakoll Fugabella Color Resin-Cement High Flexibility Rapid Setting Tile Grout in 5 different colours
A roll of Schluter Ditra-Heat Duo Matting
Marmox Multiboard Tile Backer Board
A roll of Schluter Ditra Matting
BAL Rapid-Mat Uncoupling Membrane Matting
BAL Flexbone 2Easy Floating Uncoupling Membrane Matting
A 2.5kg bag of Ardex Flex FS Coloured Tile Grout
A 25kg bag of Mapei Ultraplan Renovation Screed 3240 Self Levelling Compound.
A one litre bottle of Lithofin Easy Care Cleaner
Genesis PVC Round Edge White Tile Trim ETR 2500mm and caps supplied by the london tile co
A roll of Schluter Ditra Heat Duo PS self adhesive matting
BAL Single Part Flexible S1 White Tile Adhesive
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 7 R Rapid Set Flexible Tile Adhesive
A tub of brown Kerakoll Fugalite Bio resin tile adhesive
Orbry Waterproof Insulated Long Tile Backer Board
A 25kg bag of  Tilemaster External Leveller Fast Set Self Levelling Compound
a 10kg Ardex Flex FS Coloured Tile Grout with Ardex branding