Waterproofing & Tanking

Fully waterproof your bathroom or wet room and stop expensive leaks before they happen with a range of bathroom waterproofing & wet room products from The London Tile Company today. The easiest way to guarantee that a bathroom is properly waterproofed is to put a tanking membrane beneath the tiles, see our waterproofing & tanking solutions below.

Orbry Waterproof Insulated Tile Backer Board
A roll of Schluter Ditra Matting
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Schluter Kerdi Kereck Waterproofing Corners
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Schluter Kerdi 200 Waterproof Membrane
Ardex WPC Waterproof Protection Coat Tanking System is an all in one solution for waterproofing your wet room or bathroom.
A 5l tub of BAL Waterproof 1C One Coat Waterproofing System
10 metre roll of Marmox Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Tape Roll
A bottle of BAL Primer 1C For Use With Waterproof 1C
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Schluter Kerdi MV Waterproofing Pipe Collars
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A roll of Schluter Kerdi-Keba Waterproofing Tape
Rolls of Dural Durabase CI Decoupling Matting
A roll of Dural Durabase CI-FH Decoupling Underfloor Heating Carrier Mat
Dural Durabase FGT Reinforcing Decoupling Matting used in a gym
Dural Durabase Warpseal 1/2" Pipe Collar
Dural Durabase Warpseal 3D Left Corner Pieces
Dural Durabase Warpseal 3D Right Corner Pieces
Dural Durabase Warpseal External Corner
Dural Durabase Warpseal Internal Corner