Dural Durabase CI-FH Decoupling Underfloor Heating Carrier Mat

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  • Decoupling carrier matting for use with electric underfloor heating cables
  • Low height matting is just 5mm thick
  • Protects cables from trowels during tile adhesive or screed application
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Dural Durabase CI-FH is the professional choice for electric underfloor heating installations. The revolutionary system acts as two products in one. Firstly the mat is a decoupling membrane which guards against sub floor movement and stress cracking. Secondly, it acts as a carrier to clip electric underfloor heating cablers into, whilst the newly designed rounded edges ensure that cables never kink or get damaged whilst being clipped in or during operation.

Dural Durabase CI-FH is available in single 15m rolls, or multple pallets from The London Tile Company, making projects of any size quick and easy. It is suitable for use with all electric under floor heating systems with cables 2-5mm thick. The membrane absorbs stress in your substrate, allowing the tiled surface to remain intact. The air spaces under the membrane have two benefits, they allow residual moisture to gradually escape therefore helping to prevent cracks forming in the substrate. The air spaces also allow the heat to be spread evenly across the floor surface making the heating action more general and effective.

It is of vital importance that the installation of any underfloor heating system is preplanned. Care must be taken to understand the requirements of the heating system of your choice. The heating cable layout must be pre-planned to avoid any “cross overs”. The positioning of sensors and the power supply must be predetermined.Dural CI+ FH Decoupling Carrier Mat

For general room heating we recommend that cables be installed in the CI–FH membrane at 75mm.

Features & Benefits of Dural Durabase CI-FH Underfloor Heating Matting

  • Dual-Purpose two products in one handy application - decoupling matting and a cable header
  • Universal decoupling carrier matting can be used with all types of electric underfloor heating cables
  • Fast underfloor heating cables can be installed quicker using our decoupling mat
  • Efficient cables can be positioned where the heat is needed in the room
  • Safe protects cables from trowel work while embedding in adhesive or self-smoothing screed
  • Quick and easy to fix the matting, insert the cable, and tile.
  • Choice available in 15m rolls or multiple pallet quantities
  • Low Height matting is only 5mm thick


The subfloor must be free of any loose material that could impair adhesion. It must be level and able to bear weight. Any levelling must be completed before DURABASE CI-FH is installed. The adhesive should be chosen dependent on the nature of the sub fl oor. The adhesive must be capable of bonding to the sub floor surface and to the backing fleece of the DURABASE CI - FH mats.

Maintaining the stud pattern alignment, the CI-FH matting sections should be cut to size to cover the desired surface. If subject to heavy traffic it is recommended that they be protected from damage by over laying walk boards.

For most surfaces a water-based thin-bed adhesive (C2 quality) can be used. The adhesive is applied to the sub floor using a serrated trowel (6mm x 6mm).

In wet areas it is advised to seal junctions between mat sections with DURABASE WP or DURABASE WPFB tape. Pre-formed corner sections can be used for internal and external corners.

As soon as the DURABASE CI-FH matting has been installed and the adhesive has cured, the electrical heating system can installed to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Tiles can be installed using a thin-bed adhesive appropriate to the flooring. Practically, it is advisable to apply adhesive in one operation, embedding the heating cables in that process. Install the tiles after pre “buttering” the underside.

The tiles must be embedded in the adhesive to achieve solid bedding. The depth of the serrations on the trowel must be appropriate to the tile format. Make sure this is all done while the adhesive is still fresh and within its “open time”.

Durabase CI-FH is not suitable for external use.

Where movement joints are required, follow professional guide lines – BS 5385. TTA Guidelines or contact us for more information.

London Tile Top Tips!

When used with 2mm cable it is advisable to incorporate a 3 stud locking loop every 30cm. This ensures the cable is retained under tension.

CI – FH is supplied in rolls of 15m and 5m. The nominal width of these is 1m.

Due to unavoidable trimming of the material to ensure the production pattern is maintained the width may be reduced by up to 25mm.

Suitable for heating cables of 2mm - 5.5mm


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From £249.67 inc. VAT
From £208.06 exc. VAT

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