Tile Adhesive

Find the ideal adhesive for your chosen tiles here. From all-purpose tile adhesives loved by our traders, ready-mixed adhesive tubs for DIY heroes, to specific tile adhesives for troublesome tiles and substrates - you can find it all here.

BAL Single Part Flexible S1 White Tile Adhesive
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 7 R Rapid Set Flexible Tile Adhesive
bags of kerakoll h40 gel tile adhesive available in white and grey in 20kg bags
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 77 tile adhesive featuring Ardex branding in white and pink.
A 20kg bag of BAL Rapid Flex One Tile Adhesive
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 7 Standard Set Flexible Tile Adhesive
A box Ardex X60 PU Flex Resin Tile Adhesive with Ardex pink branding.
A 20kg bag of Bostik MC310 one part flexible OPF tile adhesive
Mapei Keraquick S1 Flexible Rapid Setting Tile Adhesive (20kg)
A 10l tub of BAL White Star Plus Ready Mix Tile Adhesive
Kerakoll H40 Advanced Rapid Settings Gel Tile Adhesive in 20kg bags
A 20kg bag of BAL Flex One White Tile Adhesive
Kerakoll H40 Extreme 2 Part Hybrid Gel Adhesive White 10kg for tiling
A 10 litre tub of ProFix ready mixed tile adhesive. Supplied by The London Tile Company.
A 15kg tub of BAL Green Star Ready Mixed Tile Adhesive
A 20kg bag of BAL Pourable One White Rapid Flexible Floor Tile Adhesive
BAL XL Floor Tile Adhesive (20kg)
A 20kg bag of Mapei Keraflex high performance flexible tile adhesive