Valverdi Indoor Out Tiles

Valverdi Indoor-Out is a co-ordinating range of indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles. With a 20mm frost-proof outdoor porcelain and corresponding thinner indoor tile, Valverdi Indoor-Out creates an almost seamless transition from inside your home to your outdoor space.


Available in a wide range of striking colours, Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles look stylish, are slip-resistant, and are completely colourfast, ensuring that your tiles will look stunning forever.


Creating an indoor-outdoor Valverdi living area is an excellent way to maximise space. Our range of co-ordinating porcelain tiles helps you blur the lines between internal and external living spaces, creating a seamless transition.


Each Valverdi Indoor-Out tile range features a co-ordinating 10mm indoor and 20mm outdoor tile, allowing you to create a natural flow between your living spaces. Particularly suited for use with bi-fold, French and patio doors, the indoor and outdoor flooring tiles can be used in kitchens, dining rooms & conservatories and on patios, balconies & terraces.

Scratch Resistant

Fully Vitrified

Stain Resistant


Anti Slip Technology

Superior Edge Finish

Our exclusive Valverdi Indoor-Out ranges...

Valverdi Canterbury

Valverdi Cardosa

Valverdi Champagne

Valverdi Copse

Valverdi Fossil Coke

Valverdi Gibraltar

Valverdi Havana

Valverdi Iguazu

Valverdi Mint Oxide

Valverdi Portico

Valverdi Urbanite