Wall Tile Trim

Complete your wall tiling project with our carefully selected range of durable tile trims and profiles. From matching tile trim corners to tile edging and more, London Tile can provide everything you need to add a sleek and professional look to your project. Choose tile trims in a range of colours , finishes and sizes from our collection to match your style.

Gold Genesis ESA Aluminium Straight Edge Tile Trim used in a tiled installation
A Bright Silver Genesis EAD Aluminium Angle Edge Tile Trim used in a corner installation
White Dural Durosol DSP Straight Edge PVC Tile Trim
A black Genesis EAS Stainless Steel Corner Protector protecting tiled edging
Genesis EAQ Aluminium Quad Tile Trim used in a tiled installation
Bright stainless steel Genesis EAC Round Metal Tile Trim Corners with matching tile trim
Dural Durosol DSE Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim
TDP square metal tile trim from Genesis
Genesis EAT Aluminium Angle Trim shown here on the corner of a tiled surface
Black straight edge aluminium tile trim
Genesis EAA Aluminium Retro-Fit Corner Protector used on a tile corner
Genesis ESB Brass Straight Edge Tile Trim
Genesis EQQ Square Edge Stainless Steel Tile Trims
Genesis PVC Round Edge White Tile Trim ETR 2500mm
Schluter JOLLY Tile Trim
Dural Squareline DPS Tile Trim
Genesis EET Corners to match EAT Trims
Genesis ESC External Corners for Genesis ESA tile trim