Outdoor Tiling

Eterno Ivica Adjustable Self Levelling Porcelain Paving Pedestals
Kerakoll Fugabella Color Resin-Cement High Flexibility Rapid Setting Tile Grout in 5 different colours
Eterno Ivica SE Porcelain Paving Pedestal Extension Piece
PorcelQuick Adped External Porcelain Adhesive Paving Pedestals
Eterno Ivica Star.T Thin Pedestal Paving Support Pad
Eterno Ivica Pedestal Perimeter Spacer
PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Straight Edge External Tile Trim
Eterno Ivica NM Porcelain Paving Pedestal Extension Piece
A 20kg bag of BAL Rapid Flex One Tile Adhesive
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 7 R Rapid Set Flexible Tile Adhesive