Eterno Ivica NM Adjustable Fixed Head Porcelain Paving Pedestals

  • Non-slip adjustable height pedestals
  • Fixed heads for flat roofs & surfaces
  • Made from entirely recyclable material
  • Noise reducing heads
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C
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Eterno Ivica pedestals are the market leading brand of pedestals for fixing 20mm porcelain to roof terraces, balconies and flat roofs. These fixed head pedestals are available from stock in six standard height adjustments from 25mm to 270mm which can be extended higher by incorporating the extension piece. The tab spacer width on the pedestal is 4mm by 12mm high and are pre-cut for easy removal. The fixed head pedestal incorporates a rubber noise reducing and slip resistant pad. The void under the tiles can be used to run cables, pipes or other services. A Pedestal Adjustment Key is required to correct the height of the pedestals once the tile is installed.

Features & Benefits of Eterno Ivica Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals

  • Fixed heads perfect for flat areas
  • Adjustable height
  • Made from entirely recyclable material
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40° to 120°C
  • Resistant to acids and ultraviolet deterioration
  • Tabs are easy to remove as required
  • Non slip head
  • Designed and manufactured by Eterno Ivica

How to install Eterno Ivica Support Pedestals

Eterno Iveca pedestals need a hard, self draining base. The base needs to be able to support a point load of 0.4Kg per cm2. These pedestals are suitable for use with 2cm (20mm) thick porcelain slabs.

Pedestals are required on the 4 corners of the slab. If any edge is longer than 650mm and the slab is oblong then a second pedestal will be required along that edge. For all installations with a pedestal height greater than 10cm, or for square tiles with sides longer than 650mm, a central pedestal is required too.

Marking out: set out by marking the position of each slab along the perimeter of the area you are tiling. We recommend using a chalk or string line to ping lines between the markers and create a grid.

Placing your tiles you need to place a pedestals where these grid lines intersect, and once you've done that you should level them before placing your tiles. Try to ensure all cuts are a minimum of 25cm to enable placement of pedestals on corners.

Place the slabs on the pedestals and then cut the perimeter. Use perimeter clips round the perimeter to prevent creep. Minor height adjustments can be made using the adjustment tool (do not stand on any of the slabs that are resting on the pedestal while you do this).

Notes & tips: If you're starting with a full slab, it's best to check that adjacent walls are at right angles using a large 3/4/5 set square. If walls are not square you are probably better to cut to the edge. It's always best spending time establishing the best grid pattern and marking out to ensure you avoid cuts under 25cm, establish your required finished floor level and estimate how many pedestals of each height you need, and taking time to consider how the exposed tile edges will look.

If possible try to centralise cuts for a visual appeal and try to avoid diagonal patterns. Putting something heavy on the floor? Use boards to spread the load when installing and consider extra pedestals to support the weight.

If you're using the Eterno Ivica pedestal system on a roof, always check your roof’s weight loadings. The installed system has a weight loading of up to 100Kg per m2 allowing for multiple persons, the weight of the slab and pedestals. (The snow loading which should already be included within your original roof design).

We can help! Send us plans, photographs and heights and we will send you an estimate of quantities. This can be done drawn (to scale), a CAD drawing or even on Excel.


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    Posted by Adam W on 12th Dec 2023

    I used these as a DIY project, relative newbie to garden hardscaping. The pedestal system is excellent. To give your self the best chance, choose a pedestal size that gives you a large adjustment range i.e 100mm - 150mm so you have lots of adjustments if required. I would highly recommend this product and the tiles feel solid, no fear of cracking!

From £4.80 inc. VAT
From £4.00 exc. VAT

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