Tile Slip Resistance Ratings

Tile Slip Resistance Ratings

The slip resistance rating of a tile indicates how safe a tile is to use in wet and slippery envirnoments. We provide slip resistance ratings with all our floor tiles to give you an indication of how and where to use them. We use two types of slip resistance ratings here at London Tile; R Ratings and PTV. But how do the tiles achieve this rating? 

What is an R Rating?

A tile's R Rating is obtained by running it through the Inclined Ramp Test. This test involves a tiled ramp that is lubricated and gradually inclined higher and higher to find the slipping angle of the tile in question. The subject wears shoes with standardised rubber soles, and the level of friction measured gives the tile its R Rating (classification R9 - R13). The higher the friction, the higher the R rating - indicating better slip resistance. 

As an additional test some tile manufacturers also use a barefoot test, giving a further classification of A, B or C.  

R9 - Low Friction

R10 - Normal Friction

R11 - Increased Friction

R12 - High Friction

R12 - Very High Friction

A - Dry Barefoot Areas

B - Pool Surrounds & Showers

C - Wet Ramps, Walked Pool Bases and Jacuzzi Floors

R9 tiles are perfectly suitable for indoor areas including kitchens and bathrooms. This is why most of our bathroom floor and kitchen floor tiles have an R9 anti slip rating. Outdoor tiles should have a higher slip resistance rating due to the increased likelihood of standing water and usage when wet. This is why our outdoor tiles have a slip resistance rating of R11 or higher!

What is a PTV Rating?

Sometimes tile manufacturer's use a PTV rating instead of an R Rating, which stands for Pendulum Test Values. The PTV is a measurement for how slippery a tile or floor surface is. This is measured with a piece of equipment called a pendulum, which is used to simulate either a show or bare foot on a tile surface. PTV is the chosen value for British Standards.

11 - 18 - Low Friction (equivalent to R9)

18 - 34 - Normal Friction (equivalent to R10)

34 - 51 - Increased Friction (equivalent to R11)

51 - 70 - High Friction (equivalent to R12)

70+ - Very High Friction (equivalent to R13)

Pendulum test values apply to dry, wet and contaminated surface conditions. Mosaic tiles generally have enhanced levels of slip resistance for barefoot traffic due to the grout joint tread pattern.

For more information about tile slip resistance ratings or to talk to us about commercial projects, contact us and we'll be happy to work with you and tile manufacturers to provide you a complete specification.