Dural Durabase FGT Reinforcing Decoupling Matting

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  • Reinforcement steel mesh & non-woven fibreglass composite
  • Reinforced decoupling for indoor, outdoor, walls & floors
  • 1.5mm thick for low height installations
  • 1581kg point loading absorption
  • 1357kg of crack bridging - ideal to stitch cracks in floors
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Dural Durabase FGT is the latest generation of reinforement matting, allowing you to reinforce the floor in areas where floor height is an issue. Durabase FGT is only 1.5mm thick, allowing you to lay it on a 2mm adhesive bed for an extra low height tiling substrate - much thinner than most crack bridging matting or cement boards. You can even install Dural Durabase FGT on cracked floor screed, OSB boards and older floor types!

Thanks to it's choice of materials and construction, Dural Durabase FGT guarantees maximum strength yet is flexible enough to compensate for any stress which may occur. This makes it the safe choice for all types of floor coverings that need to be installed on substrates with insufficient load-bearing characteristics. It is suitable for large-format tiles and modern designer floor coverings, for directly glued carpeting or natural stone floor coverings.

Dural Durabase FGT is 1 metre wide and available in a variety of roll lengths from Tile Fix Direct, from single metres up to full 30 metre rolls. Durabase FGT is suitable for all common underfloor heating systems without restriction, and ideal for use on floors and walls, both inside and outside your home!

Features & Benefits of Dural Durabase FGT Reinforced Matting

  • Steel mesh with decoupling made of non-woven fibreglass composite
  • Available in 1 metre rolls, or full pallet quantities
  • Point Loading 1581 kg are absorbed
  • Crack Bridging 1357 kg (ideal to stitch a crack in the floor)
  • Surface Load 1668 kg
  • Adhesive tensile strength 0.11 kg/mm2
  • Bending Strength 400,000 moving upwards by 1.8mm
  • 1.5mm thick and fitted on a 2mm or 3mm tile adhesive base

How to install Dural Durabase FGT Matting


The generally recognised rules of good engineering practice must always be observed! The following applies to all products/materials: Usability in terms of mechanical and chemical loads should be carefully checked in each case before installing the mat. Protect the material from long periods of exposure to sunlight.


The substrate must be dry, level and free of adhesion-resistant components. Any loose parts of the substrate must be removed. Perform any possibly needed level- ling before installing DURABASE FGT. Any existing cracks should be professionally sealed. Apply a suitable base coat or adhesive primer to the prepared substrate in accordance with the manufacturer instructions.


Note: When working with DURABASE FGT, and especially when cutting the mats, we recommend that you wear work gloves to avoid injury from fibreglass particles. Cut the mats to size using a cutter knife or scissors. No additional length is needed to overlap the mat joints. To avoid friction on the connections, maintain open end joints of 5 – 10 mm. When aligning the mats, note that cracks should be bridged at a right angle when possible and the joints of adjacent mats should have an offset of at least 30 cm (no cross joints).

Mix commercially available tile adhesive according to manufacturer instructions. The proportion of water added should be around the upper end of the manu- facturer recommendation. Apply the tile adhesive in sections using the smooth side of a notched trowel and then even out using a 4 x 4 mm or 6 x 6 mm notched trowel.

Place the DURABASE FGT mat cut to size with the non-woven material side down onto the adhesive layer and press firmly. Lay the mats end to end. Set the joints of adjacent mats at the mat end with an offset of at least 30 cm. You do not need to cover the seams. To avoid friction on the connections, maintain open end joints of 5 – 10 mm. Note the open time of the adhesive used.


Do not install the floor covering until the adhesive has fully cured (observer manufacturer instructions). You can install any common type of flooring, such as tile, natural stone, parquet, laminate, carpeting or designer floor covering on substrates reinforced with DURABASE FGT.

The installation process should be adapted to the selected floor covering type. Here you need to make sure that the mesh structure of DURABASE FGT has been carefully filled. If additional sealing is required, we recommend the additional use of DURABASE ET-S after laying DURABASE FGT and before installing the final floor covering.


DURABASE FGT is suitable for all common underfloor heating systems without restriction. If there is a risk of horizontal shearing forces due to specific circumstances, we recommend the use of DURABASE CI ++.


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From £73.64 inc. VAT
From £61.37 exc. VAT

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