Complete Your Kitchen Project

A 20kg bag of BAL Rapid Flex One Tile Adhesive
A bottle of Lithofin MN Stain-Stop
A roll of Schluter Ditra Heat Duo PS self adhesive matting
BAL Single Part Flexible S1 White Tile Adhesive
White Dural Durosol DSP Straight Edge PVC Tile Trim
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 7 R Rapid Set Flexible Tile Adhesive
A tub of brown Kerakoll Fugalite Bio resin tile adhesive
A 25kg bag of  Tilemaster External Leveller Fast Set Self Levelling Compound
A black Genesis EAS Stainless Steel Corner Protector protecting tiled edging
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a 10kg Ardex Flex FS Coloured Tile Grout with Ardex branding
A 20kg bag of Ardex X 7 Standard Set Flexible Tile Adhesive
Genesis EAQ Aluminium Quad Tile Trim used in a tiled installation
bags of kerakoll h40 gel tile adhesive available in white and grey in 20kg bags