Tile Backer Board Solid Wall Fixing Installation Bundle

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The Tile Backer Board Solid Wall Fixing Installation Bundle is an all-in-one backer board installation pack that contains the everything you need to install tile backer boards onto solid walls. It includes the industry standard Orbry Tile Backer Board in a variety of thicknesses, expansion fittings, sealant and an optional waterproofing tape roll for wet areas.
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What's in the Tile Backer Board Solid Wall Fixing Installation Bundle?

Orbry Waterproof Tile Backer Board

Orbry Tile Backer Boards ideal for waterproofing walls & floors, providing thermal insulation, dry lining and tile backing. When used in bathrooms you get a tile backer board, waterproofing, and insulation all in one! Orbry boards can also used as insulation boards and are the easiest solution for insulating and waterproofing a room in one quick & easy install.

Orbry Boards are insulated backer boards that are reinforced with glass fibre. The top coat on both sides of the Orbry Board is made of polymer-modified cement. Orbry boards provide a solid, waterproof layer to tile and are a cost effective way of insulating internal solid walls and creating a moisture barrier. They also create a fast track, insulated, low weight & height floor tiling system without screeds. Orbry boards absorb lateral movement and stop your tiles cracking over time.

We routinely see Orbry Boards used as waterproof backer boards, electric underfloor heating insulation and wet room construction.

Orbry Solid Wall & Floor Expansion Fittings

The Orbry Tile Backer Board Washers are used to fix tile backer boards to stud walls and wooden floors. In order to properly fix the boards to the background substrate, use these washers with Orbry Stainless Steel Screws.

Tile backer board and insulation fixing anchor cob plug dowels are ideal for fixing high performance insulation boards, membranes or lining systems to brick, block or concrete walls. The specially designed dowel is inserted into a pre drilled hole and when the pin is hammered home the base of the fixing dowel expands. These are sometimes called spankers for this reason - you spank it in with a hammer - job done!

Marmox Self Adhesive Waterproofing Roll

The Marmox Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Tape is used to waterproof the joint between tile backer boards and wet room shower trays.

It creates a waterproof seal over these joins and is self-adhesive for easy application.

Marmox Self-Adhesive Waterproofing Tape comes on 10m rolls. Overlap joints and use waterproofing corners as appropriate.


How to install tile backer boards on a solid wall - screw fixed

Preparation: Measure Orbry boards and cut to size. Tile backer boards are very easy to cut with a knife or saw.

Fixing: Tile backer boards can be fixed to solid wall with screws and washers at every 300mm. Alternatively use Tile Backer Board Fixing Dowels for ease.

Tiling: Be sure to tape all the joints with  scrim tape, except in wet areas where Marmox Self-Adhesive Waterproof tape should be used. The boards are now ready to be tiled.

Plastering: Seal boards together using a bead of Marmox MSP360 prior to scrim-taping, do not use Waterproof tape under plaster. The boards are now ready to be plastered.

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