Wall Tile Trim

Complete your wall tiling project with our carefully selected range of durable tile trims and profiles. From matching tile trim corners to tile edging and more, London Tile can provide everything you need to add a sleek and professional look to your project. Choose tile trims in a range of colours , finishes and sizes from our collection to match your style.

Genesis EET Corners to match EAT Trims
Genesis ESC External Corners for Genesis ESA tile trim
Genesis ESF Stainless Steel Formable Straight Edge Tile Trim
Genesis ESS Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim
Genesis MLT Slimline PVC Movement Joint
Genesis TDB Solid Brass Square Edge Tile Trim Close Up
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Schluter Schiene E stainless steel tile trim being used to transition between a tile and carpet floor covering.
Dural perimeter joints with epoxy infills that  can be colour matched to any RAL colour
A perimeter movement joint made from stainless steel with a colour matched epoxy fill made by Dural UK
Dural Durosol DSA Aluminium Straight Edge Tile Trim 2.5m
Dural Floretostep Aluminium Stair Nosing (1m)
Genesis 15mm TDP Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim
Genesis 22.5mm TDP Aluminium Square Edge Tile Trim
Genesis Aluminium Tradeline Straight Edge Tile Trim in brushed aluminium
Genesis ATS Slimline Aluminator Tile-In Nosing
Genesis ECG Corners to match TDG Trims
Genesis ECQ Corners to match ESQ Trims
Genesis EDP Corners to match 10mm TDP Tile Trims