New Range: Design Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

New Range: Design Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

Looking for a way to add some interest to your home? Unleash your inner interior designer with the Design range of patterned wall and floor tiles.

Patterned tiles are nothing new, in fact, they were at their most popular during the Victorian period, when encaustic tiles began being mass-produced. From floral designs to geometric shapes, these tiles became hugely popular in both public places and private homes. And although they never really go out of style, we’re currently seeing a huge rise in the popularity of patterned tiles again thanks to their timeless look and hardwearing nature.

Why choose patterned tiles?

There are a lot of benefits to using patterned tiles in your home. Firstly, they allow you to get creative and add some fun to your living spaces. Whether you're looking for a feature floor in your kitchen, or a playful shower area in your bathroom – these tiles will help you make your design dreams come true. They also look great with most décor styles, enhancing the feel of vintage spaces or adding a retro twist to more modern homes.

Shown here: Design patterned tiles add a fun feel to floors throughout the home.

The patterns will also hide any dust or crumbs on floors, making them an excellent choice for busy kitchens or hallways. And they are super easy to keep clean, just a quick sweep and mop will do the job as they are resistant to staining. They can even be used outside to create a porch or garden path – ideal for adding a traditional feel to the outside of Victorian terraced houses.

Colours are an important factor when choosing tiles, and the Design range features a palette of calming tones in white, blue, grey and taupe. They pair beautifully with other materials such as stone or wood, or with other tile ranges. Consider what colour grout you will use with the tiles – we recommend a neutral tone similar to that of the tiles to avoid interrupting the pattern.

Shown here: The Design range of patterned tiles are suitable for walls and floors.

Where can the Design range be used?

One of our favourite things about the Design range is how versatile the tiles are. They are made of hard-wearing porcelain which means they can be used on walls and floors, both inside and outside. This makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. Here are some of our favourite uses:

  • Kitchen splashbacks and floors
  • Bathroom walls, floors and showers
  • Hallway floors
  • Mudrooms
  • Porches and garden paths
  • Fireplaces
  • Feature walls in living areas
  • Floors in open plan kitchen and dining rooms
How to choose patterned tiles?

Within the Design range, there are 8 different patterns to choose from so there is a style that suits almost every home. Pattern A will give a checkerboard effect of blue and dark grey squares, each with a star in the centre, while Pattern B has an intricate design in blue and white that repeats once the tiles are laid. For a neutral colour scheme, Pattern C features a pale taupe background with a delicate white design or you could opt for the classic grey and white of Pattern H which has an almost celtic-looking style.

For a more geometric look try the circular designs seen in Pattern E or Pattern F, or go for the chevron style of Pattern D. You could always get creative and mix and match the designs to create a patchwork effect or keep it simple and allow the tiles to match up and create their own pattern.

Pictured here: The Design range features 8 different patterned tile designs to choose from.

The best way to choose which tile is right for your project is to visit a showroom and see them for yourself, but if that’s not possible you can always order a sample online. When ordering patterned tile samples it can be helpful to order 4 tiles to see how they sit together, allowing you to visualise the repeating pattern. This also means you can see and feel the quality of the tiles.

Love patterns but looking for something a little more monochrome? Try the Retromix range - designed to allow you to create almost any pattern on walls and floors.

Why choose The London Tile Co?

We have over 60 years of experience within the tiling industry, so we've seen trends come and go (and come and go!), but encaustic inspired designs is one that seems to stand the test of time. This makes patterned tiles a great choice for your home as they won't go out of style quickly. If you would like a closer look at the Design range we recommend visiting one of our showrooms in the South or ordering a sample online. Our team can answer any questions you might have, and we also stock everything you need to install your tiles - from waterproofing to grout.