New Valverdi Indoor Outdoor Tiles

New Valverdi Indoor Outdoor Tiles

 Ready to create your dream indoor-outdoor living space at home? Valverdi have added several new ranges to their best-selling indoor-outdoor tile collection so let's dive in and take a closer look at these beautiful new tiles. 

What are indoor outdoor tiles?

As the name suggests, indoor-outdoor tiles are for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. Rather than using the same tile for both areas, these tiles are designed with their specific uses in mind. The internal tiles are the same thickness as a standard porcelain floor tile, usually 9mm or 10mm. In comparison, the external tiles are 20mm thick to cope with various factors such as heavy furniture and temperature changes. 

Valverdi Indoor-Out is a collection of luxury indoor-outdoor porcelain tiles designed to create a flow between living spaces. Each range features an internal tile with a coordinating external tile to create that indoor-outdoor look. The tiles work particularly well when used with wide door openings and sliding, French or bifold doors to highlight the almost seamless transition. The tiles also have rectified edges, which means they have been ground to a straight edge which makes them easier to fix and provides a neater more seamless look when installed.

Can I use any tiles outside?

We do not recommend using ceramic tiles outdoors as they are not vitrified and therefore can be damaged easily. While you can technically use a standard internal tile outside, there are several benefits to using Valverdi outdoor tiles. Firstly they have an enhanced slip resistance which will help avoid any slips or falls particularly in wet weather. The double-thickness makes them more robust, which also means they can be installed in more ways such as on pedestals. A standard-thickness tile should only be installed onto a solid concrete base.

Vitrified porcelain also means that the tiles are resistant to fading, scratches and moss & mould growth. 

Valverdi Indoor-Out Astoria

Embodying the timeless charm of Portland limestone, Astoria offers a striking resemblance with its authentic texture and delicate veining. However, unlike their natural counterparts, these tiles are forged from high-quality porcelain, ensuring unmatched resilience against wear and tear while maintaining their exquisite appearance for years to come. The tiles measure 80cm x 80cm which means you will have fewer grout joints than a smaller tile which helps add to the seamless appearance. 

Valverdi Indoor-Out Catania

Designed with versatility in mind, Catania emulates the timeless allure of warm beige natural stone while harnessing the durability and practicality of porcelain. Whether adorning your living room, kitchen, patio, or poolside, these tiles exude sophistication and charm.

Valverdi Indoor-Out Fossil

The best-selling Fossil range has had a refresh with three brand new tiles; Iron and Ash are available in 80cm x 80cm and Khaki comes in a large format 120cm x 60cm slab. These tiles have a beautiful stone-inspired designed with a slightly riven textured surface that adds to the natural look. 

Valverdi Indoor-Out Champagne

Champagne is not technically a new range in the Valverdi collection it's one of our best sellers, but a new on-trend 80cm square size has been added alongside the 120cm x 60cm tile. This beautiful light cream-coloured tile is inspired by French limestone and adds an understated elegance to any room. 

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